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Plant Magic Issue 2 - Weeds

Plant Magic Issue 2 - Weeds

Elisabeth Pieper (eds.) und Astarte Posch

hooops publications



28.2 x 21 cm

124 pages

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The second issue of Plant Magic brings together a range of artistic perspectives that explore the complex, resilient, and sometimes contradictory existence of spontaneous vegetation, which is referred to as “weeds”. Weeds embody ambivalence and resistance, thriving in the cracks of crumbling worlds and wastelands. They whisper secrets of life that refuses to give up, of beauty that insists on being seen, of healing that happens stubbornly, even in the poorest of soils. Spontaneous flora reminds us that survival goes beyond mere endurance and becomes an art of thriving against the odds. They dare us to look beyond the obvious, to queer the gaze, and unearth worth in what is so often overlooked.

With contributions by:
Anna Bierler, Anna-Katharina Laboissière, Barbara Herschel, Catherine Greiner, Chris Paxton, Daniella Mooney, Irina-Anca Bobei, Irina Smirnov, Jana Krüger, Jasmine Parsley, Julia Boehme, Kahil Janssens, Katharine Tyndall, lisa loa, Lou Ellingson,Lucía Martí Llop, Luisa Roth, Maia Magoga, Marta Orlando, Maxime Buono, Maya Land, Mel Ghidini, Narumi Mastroscianni, Nicola van Straaten, Toni Kritzer, Yanting Xiong, Zinzi Buchanan

Print: Offset
124 pages with numerous illustrations and photographs
Language: English, German, Chinese

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