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Pleasant Place - Compost (Issue III)

Pleasant Place - Compost (Issue III)

Guus Kaandorp, Floor Kortman und Lou-Lou van Staaveren



24 x 18 x 1

38 pages

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https://www.ups.com/track?loc=de_DE&Requester=SBN&tracknum=1Z9V8R446850436200&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&WT.z_eCTAid=ct1_eml_Tracking__ct1_eml_tra_eml_sb_1day&WT.z_edatesent=09202023/trackdetailsAllow us to introduce to you Compost Almighty, the magical elixir essential for happy gardens.


* “I’m orange peels, I’m coffee grounds, I’m wisdom” – Marjory the Trash Heap tells the future

* Compost: An introduction – what, why and how to compost, with illustrations by Noa Zuidervaart

* Comfrey Cocktail – make your own Comfrey Feed

* Worms are great and this is why – an ode to worms by Joline van Berkestijn with images by Jaap Scheeren

* What to do with a whole lot of poo – Ton Hilhorst and Savitri Groag from Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, about their compost-system that thrives on elephant poo

* Digital Compost – composting in Minecraft, the biggest videogame in the world
A set of garden miniatures by Hanna Something (훗한나)

* The cover and inside cover are by Lou-Lou van Staaveren and Guus Kaandorp and graphic design is by fanfare

40 pages, plus miniatures in centrefold, 18 x 24 cm, English
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