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Red Sandstone by Sofie Burgoyne - Lost Rocks (38)

Red Sandstone by Sofie Burgoyne - Lost Rocks (38)

Sofie Burgoyne

Lost Rocks




18 x 11 x 1

92 pages

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You become I, they become you, we all begin to mutate. The spill and contamination of aura begins to spread. I feel myself leaking, dripping outwards of myself, spreading across distance and mixing with an other. I feel panic. Can I dissolve? Sofie Burgoyne is an artist currently working between Australia, Portugal and the UK. Making and performing artistic work related to the body, in a range of different contexts, her artistic practice is interested in alternative ways of relating mind to body, reality to the imagined and self to other. Inherent in her outlook of making is reflection and critique of the place of performance in theatres and consideration of the relevance and social function of art itself. As a maker and performer Sofie works across independent and company environments, collaborating with theatre makers, sound producers, visual artists, dancers and choreographers. Recently Sofie has collaborated with Miguel Pereira (O Rumo Do Fumo, PT), Theo Clinkard (UK) and Frantic Assembly (UK) and her work has been presented by The Place (UK) and Movement Research at Judson Church (US).
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