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Sandstone by Bianca Hester - Lost Rocks (27)

Sandstone by Bianca Hester - Lost Rocks (27)

Bianca Hester

A Published Event




18 x 11 x 1

96 pages

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Millions of years of evolution buried deep within the double helix of my body’s biologic fabric were on display during those few raucous hours. Rock enveloped in reptile embedded in mammal. Moan. Bianca Hester's is a practising artist, writer and senior lecturer at UNSW Art and Design. Her research engages with the fabric urban space, where place is approached as a complex constellation of human timescales, nonhuman durations, atmospheric forces, objects, histories and geologic materialities. Her projects often unfold as a series of actions in dialogue with a range of contexts, interlocutors and audiences. Bianca completed PhD at RMIT (Melbourne, 2007) and was a founding member of CLUBSpropject inc. (Melbourne, 2002–2007) and is a continuing member of the Open Spatial Workshop collective.
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