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Sonne der Relation

Sonne der Relation

Moses März und Philipp Hege (Hrsg.)

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50 x 35 x 0.5

16 pages

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The 5 maps compiled in this publication have been produced for the exhibition “Expressionism Here and Now” at Dortmunder U (October 2023-February 2024), and offer a relational perspective on German modern art and the lifereform movement of the early 20th century and its colonial entanglements.
The question guiding the research for this project asked what forms did the real and imagined movements of German expressionist artists take when they are placed within such a planetary framework? In contrast to computer-generated diagrams, charts and maps that claim an objective quality for the knowledge they visualize, the hand-written maps in this publication are a personal attempt at familiarization. As a subjective constellation of knowledge deriving from a specific selection of texts, the maps propose a shift from linear and vertical towards transversal and horizontal ways of writing.
- broadsheet publication (31.5 × 47 cm)
- 14 pages (5 fold out maps, including 1 leporello)
- including commentaries & bibliographies for each map

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