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The Lissome - Issue N°3: Cosmic Commons

The Lissome - Issue N°3: Cosmic Commons

The Lissome



31 x 22.5 x 2


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THE LISSOME publishes an annual print edition featuring essays, interviews, poetry and fashion stories.

There is a beautiful slowness and intentionality that comes with creating something that materialises in the world – as well as with reading something in print rather than on fleeting online pages. We aspire to create print editions that are beautiful and long-lasting, that inspire through their physical form as well as their purposeful content and that can be referred back to in time and passed on to future generations of readers.

In our third edition, The Lissome N°3: Cosmic Commons, we create a vision board for a collaborate future, a living breathing commons, filled with cosmic laughter and universal love

We listen into a new epoch and sense an ancient network of interconnections. Where is our place as humans in the vastness of the night sky? Star seeds are gathering, and the sanctity of the commons shows us a path: we can rebuild our world by coming together and reclaiming our shared prosperity and aliveness. The sacredness of space is not for one to rule but for all to steward. Our future is a pluriverse.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Dr. Hauschka, VIU, Santaverde, Wildling and GRN, and our printing partner, Druckhaus Sportflieger, for their vital support of our work and vision.

Featuring interviews, essays and fashion stories with: Helena Norberg-Hodge (Local is our Future) Andrea Vetter (Convivial Transformations) Jason Edward Lewis (Indigenous Perspectives for AI) Golden Joinery, Alma Borealis and TAUKO Magazine (Do-it-Ourselves) Ulrich Grober (Moonshot Thinking) David Bollier (The Sanctity of the Commons) Ania Zoltkowski (Pluriversality) Bethany Rigby (Satellite Launches) Charles Eisenstein (A Gathering of the Tribe) Iai Takai (Earth Clothes from a Mountain Village) Atelier Fanelsa (Patterns of Rural Commoning) Heidi Gustafson (Rare Earth)

Poetry: Stacey Cotter Manière

Words: Amie Berghan Anna Rosa Krau Ania ZoltkowskiDörte de Jesus Eunice Pais Nina Conrad Sophia Schwan

Artworks: Delta Venus Emma Warren Kyung Yeon Kim Michael McGrath Rachel Garrard Sophie Artz Thirza Schaap

Photography: Anna Rosa Krau Anne Schwalbe Clara Nebeling Jack Johnstone Kyle Johnson Stephanie Pfaender

Styling: Sophia Schwan

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