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The Mushroom - Issue 01

The Mushroom - Issue 01

Martin Powell, Sukayna Powell, Natascha Kenyon und Attila Födi (eds.)

The Mushroom




24 x 18 x 1

54 pages

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Created by a team passionate about all things mycological, The Mushroom is a beautiful, critical and informative print space for mushroom enthusiasts and all those working with mushrooms to connect, share and be inspired. Bringing together essays, interviews, clinical reports, photography, illustration, research round-ups and more, each issue is designed to be a unique object and a valuable addition to any mycophile’s library. The Mushroom is published by Mycology Press as a not-for-profit undertaking with all profits donated to charities, especially those using mushrooms to uplift, empower and address some of the challenges we face at this time. Featuring Interviews with Chido Govera and Roger Phillips - Research on treating recurrent miscarriage with mushrooms with Dr Trevor Wing Attila Fodi investigates whether mushrooms are affected by the moon A look at the popularity of mushroom accounts on social media with Sukayna Powell Photography from the 2020 Transylvania Mushroom Festival by Judit Koszegine Toth An essay on reishi by Martin Powell - and our biannual Research Round Up.  
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