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Three Graces, And Voids

Three Graces, And Voids

Rose Higham-Stainton


30 x 21 x 3


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'Three Graces, and Voids is a reappraisal of femininity through the prism of the Three Graces from Greek mythology, drawing on art and literary criticism, cultural theory and autobiography. Emblematic of western feminine ideals, what do the Graces elicit and what do they leave unsung. Through direct address, a mimetic form of three chapters this work of creative nonfiction is a form of communion, a chorus of voices and a contemporary feminist text that proposes an aesthetics of resistance through women's creative practice. The project began during the Summer of 2019, as the thesis for my Masters in Writing at Royal College of Art. It began as a pin-board, and a folder of things on my desktop. A beacon, or light that despite appearances, was not a map, was not burdened with points or truths. Rather, it was a web, a lattice, a gossamer surface, a knot, a loosened braid, an aerated bubble.' (Rose Higham-Stainton) Self published in a limited edition of 50, 2020. A5, 80 pages, full colour printing throughout, off-white and pink paper stocks, loose bound and held with elastic binding, comes with wraparound image poster, softcover
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