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Together at the Edge of the World - On Healing Justice

Together at the Edge of the World - On Healing Justice

Thick Press (Ed.)

Thick Press



17.5 x 10.5 x 1

32 pages

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Healing justice is an ancestral technology—one part imagination, one part pragmatism, one part memory, and one part future, with dashes of belief in our inherent dignity. It is how we have learned to be, how we have learned to hold ourselves at the edge of the world. (And on the other side of that edge—again and again and again.) When the machinery of oppression tries to consume us, healing justice redirects us to shared survival, resistance, joy, and soulfulness, as well as to the other sultry stuff of wellbeing. We ask, “How do we resource one another?” and Together at the Edge of the World: On Healing Justice answers by offering wisdom from healers, organizers, and poets. It includes generational whispers from Saida Agostini, word alchemy from Elizabeth Saint-Victor, a powerful transmission from Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, and interludes from your curator, Richael Faithful. Adorned with Kassamira Carter-Howard’s assemblage, this time capsule leaves behind what we know, what we are asking, and what we create, in service to our collective wellbeing.
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