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Toń by Alicja Czyczel (Tape)

Toń by Alicja Czyczel (Tape)


Tape / Casette

11 x 7 x 2


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"Toń" is a music album created by choreographer and improviser Alicja Czyczel in collaboration with composer Aleksandra Gryka, with significant contributions from the Liwiec river, crickets, cornfields, combine harvesters and a torrential storm. It consists of field recordings and singing in tune with a specific place, season and atmospheric phenomena. The vocal material is an attempt to get closer to the sensuality of the sound generated by plants, animals, matter and landscape.  


Alicja Czyczel – born 1991 – choreographer, dancer, performer and cultural studies scholar. Grew up in Tricity, now lives in Warsaw. She studied film studies, interdisciplinary humanistic and social studies and choreography in Krakow, Warsaw, Paris and Montpellier. Her choreographic practice is based on exploring the imagination and producing sensory fictions in relation with the body, the environment and soundscapes. She conducts site-specific artistic research and performative walks.

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