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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Jules Verne / Music by Jonny Trunk

Four Corners Books


Book und LP and MP3 download

31.3 x 31.3 x 1

120 pages

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The latest in the Four Corners Familiars series, where artists are asked to create new artwork to illustrate a classic novel, puts a new twist on the notion of illustration, which this time takes the form of music accompanying Jules Verne’s classic tale of underwater adventure. Newly composed music is on a colour vinyl LP that slips inside a book of the complete Verne novel. For readers who haven’t kept their old turntables, the book comes with instructions on how to download an MP3 version of the atmopspheric music to listen to while you read.

Jonny Trunk’s previous albums are The Inside Outside (2004) and Scrapbook (2009). He also runs Trunk Records, a record label specialising in library and film music, early electronic music and the downright weird. He says: ‘When Four Corners came to me with the idea of a book and record for their Familiars series, Twenty Thousand Leagues was an instant choice. I’ve been a collector of underwater sounds and soundtracks (think Jacques Cousteau) for many years and this would give me the perfect excuse to make my own subaquatic soundscapes. I hope the results conjure up visions through the Nautilus portholes and strange walking adventures along the sea bed. Thanks for listening.’

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