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Vegan Curious

Vegan Curious

Marika Netzel

Self published



22 x 18 x 2.5

224 pages

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What exactly is liquid smoke and how do I use it to make carrot-based salmon? How can nutritional yeast add cheesiness? Which spice combinations will transform my tofu into protein-packed eggy scramble or into crunchy nuggets? This book has the answers, plus so much more! Colorful and easy-to-browse pages guide you on the first steps of your vegan journey, sharpen your skills, and give you all the knowledge you need to unlock the endless possibilities of plant-based cuisine. Unleash your inner creative beast: there’s space to scribble your notes, tags to identify dishes faster, and suggestions on how to customize and vary each recipe into your perfect meal. Don’t settle for hummus and veggie sticks – pull together a completely inclusive and delicious vegan feast for everyone to enjoy. Beyond the usual culinary fundamentals you’ll find resources that explain how to take veganism beyond your plate and plant the seeds for a more compassionate lifestyle. So indulge your curiosity and let inspiration flow!
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