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Vesper Journal - Issue No. 3 - Wildness / Nella Selva

Vesper Journal - Issue No. 3 - Wildness / Nella Selva

Sara Marini (ed.)





29 x 20.5 x 1.3

208 pages

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English & Italian. In its third issue, ‘Vesper’ marks the return of a new sense of the archaic in European culture through the “sylvan”, both as an image, capable of distilling the character of places and the modalities of crossing them, and a reality wherein forests are advancing and the constantly expanding presence of wild and untamed areas within cities. These two levels of reading require a codification of the tools and modes of inhabiting such an unknown locus, whether through precise and concrete realities or multiple imaginaries. Included are diverse contributions from Lawrence Halprin, Lara Garciá Díaz, Emanuele Coccia, Ishita Jain, Agostino De Rosa, and many others.
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