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What do we know? What do we have? What do we miss? What do we lo

What do we know? What do we have? What do we miss? What do we lo





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240 pages

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Texts by Fabrizio Gallanti, Bruce Mau, Alexandra McIntosh, Chantal Pontbriand, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Monika Szewczyk; conversations between Zita Cobb and Liam Gillick; Brigitte Oetker, Helke Bayrle, and Thomas Bayrle; Silke Otto-Knapp and Janice Kerbel; Willem de Rooij and Kitty Scott; Todd Saunders and Roger Bundschuh Around the world, place-based projects are drawing increasing attention to the pillars of art, design, and economics as important players in the development and redevelopment of the so-called periphery. This publication poses the question: How plausible and effective are these ventures? Jahresring 65 is specific to Fogo Island, an island of approximately 2,500 inhabitants located off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. A centuries-old cod-fishing settlement, the community’s livelihood was almost devastated in the mid-twentieth century due to industrial overfishing. The island is now experiencing profound social, economic, and cultural transformation, due in part to a recent series of art, social, business, and asset-based community development initiatives. Now, Fogo Island stands as an example of the potential (but also the contradictions) of contemporary alliances between art, design, and social entrepreneurship. The English edition includes artist contributions by Abbas Akhavan, Assemble, Brenda Draney, Ieva Epnere, Leon Kahane, Zac Langdon-Pole, and Kate Newby, all of whom have first-hand experience of Fogo Island as FIA artists-in-residence or as visiting researchers. Published on behalf of Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V. Design by Boy Vereecken and Antoine Begon Deutsch Ausgabe ISBN 978-3-956794-43-8 English
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