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When We Cease to Understand the World

When We Cease to Understand the World

Benjamin Labatut

Pushkin Press




20.2 x 13.8 x 1.6 cm

192 pages

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In his literary exploration When We Cease to Understand the World, Benjamín Labatut writes about the fine line between genius and insanity and about the ambivalence of scientific discoveries in four chapters that are as sensuous as they are bizarre. The text portrays the life of scientists Fritz Haber, Werner Heisenberg, Alexander Grothendieck and Erwin Schrödinger as that of daredevil dreamers and passionate trailblazers. We read of their Eureka!-moments, their triumphant epiphanies, but also of their ethical shortcomings, their mental lows and their narcissism.

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