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Wire Magazine 4712 - June 2023 - The Fall / Mark E. Smith

Wire Magazine 4712 - June 2023 - The Fall / Mark E. Smith

Derek Walmsley (Ed.)

Wire Magazine

mit CD, Softcover\ und Magazine

28 x 23 x 1


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Inside this issue:

Totally Wire-d: A 20 page special unpicking everything you wanted to know about Mark E Smith and The Fall by the totally Wire-d writers’ squad: Claire Biddles, Graham Duff, Esi Eshun, Louise Gray, Michael Fenton, Jo Hutton, Leah Kardos, Stewart Lee, Craig Leon, Eugene S Robinson, Bruce Russell, Dave Segal, Richard Thomas, Spenser Tomson, Brian Turner and Kek-W

House Of All: Tessa Norton talks to the new band formed by ex-Fall members about life after Mark E Smith

Invisible Jukebox: No Home: Will The Wire’s mystery record
selection raise Fucking Hell for the London DIY artist? Tested by Meg Woof

Nondi_: Pennsylvanian footworker reports from Flood City. By Neil Kulkarni

Kristen Roos: Vancouver synthesist embraces limitations. By Robert Barry

Natalia Beylis: Kyiv born sound artist makes water magic. By Brian Coney

Andy Akiho: Sculpted sounds from the US composer. By Kurt Gottschalk

Unlimited Editions: Edition Telemark. By Peter Margasak

Unofficial Channels: The Deep Ark. By Michaelangelo Matos

Global Ear: Oakland: Anti-gentrification in the East Bay. By Collin Smith

The Inner Sleeve: DJ Scotch Egg on Faust’s You Know Faust

Epiphanies: Adele Bertei heeds the siren call of Patti Smith

Print Run: ESG’s Come Away With ESG by Cheri Percy; Alien Territory: Radical, Experimental & Irrelevant Music In 1970s San Diego by Bill Perrine; Come My Fanatics: A Journey Into The World Of Electric Wizard by Dan Franklin; Season Of The Witch: The Book Of Goth by Cathi Unsworth; Neil Ardley: Kaleidoscopes And Rainbows by Vivian Ardley with John Coles & Dave Gelly; Empire Roller Disco: Photographs By Patrick D Pagnano by Sara Rosen & Patrick D Pagnano; The Future Of Rock And Roll: 97X WOXY And The Fight For True Independence by Robin James; Ain’t But A Few Of Us: Black Music Writers Tell Their Story by Willard Jenkins (Editor)

On Screen: Jordan Albertsen Boom: A Film About The Sonics; Christina Batte WNYU: The World’s Best Radio Station In The World

On Location: Bergamo Jazz Festival, Bergamo, Italy; aya x MFO, London, UK; Borealis, Bergen, Norway; Big Ears, Knoxville, US; Birds Of Paradise, Utrecht, Netherlands; Counterflows, Glasgow, UK; Claire Rousay, London, UK; The Philadelphia Orchestra, New York, US; Moin, London, UK; Fred Moten/Brandon Lópes/Gerald Cleaver, London, UK; Sixth Edition: Festival For Other Music, Stockholm, Sweden; Tremor, São Miguel, Portugal; Object Collection: HOUSECONCERT + Neil Luck & Mimi Doulton, London, UK; Sonic Protest, Paris, France; Rewire, The Hague, Netherlands

On Site: Season

Soundcheck: Nancy Andrews & Linda Smith, Martyna Basta, Andrea Belfi, DJ Brittle, Gerald Cleaver, Cold Comfort, Paul B Cutler, Mark Dresser, Paul Dunmall Ensemble, Fire! Orchestra, Fourth World Magazine III, Godflesh, Goodiepal & Bananskolen, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Alexander Hawkins Trio, IzangoMa, Rickie Lee Jones, Zubin Kanga, Marie Krüttli, Lucy Liyou, Dave Lombardo, Mandy, Indiana, Donny McCaslin, Metallica, Me:You, Modern Cosmology, MV & EE, Old Saw, Joaquín Orellana, Aruán Ortiz Trio, Massimo Pupillo/Malcolm McDowell/Gabriele Tinti, Taiko Saito, Marta Salogni & Tom Relleen, Brandon Seabrook, Skull Practitioners, Wadada Leo Smith & Orange Wave Electric, Sparks, Specime, Temps, Henry Threadgill Ensemble, Alan Wilkinson/Alex Ward/Jem Doulton, Venamoris, VHS Head, Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch, Wobbly, billy woods & Kenny Segal, MC Yallah, Yetsuby, Various Music Perspective Vol 1

The Boomerang: Enhet För Fri Musik, Milford Graves with Arthur Doyle & Hugh Glover, Anna Homler & Richard Sanderson, Juju, Roland Kayn, Angus MacLise, Toshimaru Nakamura, Julien Ottavi, Joel Stern, Suicide, Lewis Taylor, Uboa, Alan Vega, Various Suburban Annihilation: The California Hardcore Explosion From The City To The Beach 1978–1983



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