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Wxtch Craft Zine - Fall Session (Edition2) : Your name is medicine over my skin

Wxtch Craft Zine - Fall Session (Edition2) : Your name is medicine over my skin

Dayna Casey & Erika Sprey (Eds.)

Royal Academy of Art The Hague



30 x 19 x 0.5


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Towards the end of the first year of exploring Wxtch Craft as a queer feminist liberatory practice, we realised that we were in this for the long haul. Because at every turn, the many gendered witch revealed themselves to be like a precious stone or prism, casting a new, refracted light on the many struggles - of class, gender, race and ecology - that intersect and entangle in their figure. The necessity for a (virtual) clearing in the woods persists. That is, a place for nurturance and (self) education, to listen and learnfrom the life-saving knowledges that witchcrafts are (un) earthing worldwide. "As indigenous peoples, we are fighting to protect what we love - our way of life, our rivers, the animals, our forest, life on Earth - and it's time that you listened to us". (Nemonte Nenquimo) And so we continue to walk with our cherished guests and hosts into the woods to exchange medicine and craft new stories for earthly survival from a witch's perspective. We seek to understand what insidious storytelling leads to estrangement, disenchantment, objectification and oppression, and what re-story-ing leads to restoration, re-enchantment, transformations and justice. An important part of this work is becoming skillful in what the great mage Ursula L. Le Guin calls magic: knowing the true, original name of things. This is also the reason why we, inspired by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, one of the most re-enchanting voices of our time and our guest, decided to name this Fall cycle: WXTCH CRAFT: YOUR NAME IS MEDICINE OVER MY KIN (tr)andcestral wisdoms and earth crafting Content: * Undrowned: Remember, by Alexis Pauline Gumbs * Lexicon Index * Nightflying: Power, Memory, Magic, by Aurora Levins Morales * sWitches Manifesto * Poem, by Janice Lee * Learning the Grammar of Animacy, by Robin Wall Kimmerer * Poem, by Laila Surges * Undrowned: Listen, by Alexis Pauline Gumbs * Digging, by Audre Lorde * On the Nature of the Ally, by Dale Pendell * Shrine Interventions * A Tale of Two Mermaids, by Olga Elliot * Undrowned: Collaborate, by Alexis Pauline Gumbs * References
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