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Zoo Index Reader (volume 1)

Zoo Index Reader (volume 1)

Terezie Štindlová

Inga Books



22 x 13 cm

332 pages

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Zoo Index Reader examines the relevance and effect that zoos have in shaping our gaze towards non-human animals and by extension ourselves/each other. Through a mixture of visual research into zoological space—in the form of an A-Z glossary—and written contributions on the history of menageries, the confinement and privatization of land, pets, zoo architecture, the "naturalization" of animals, and the role of zoos and animals in the history of cinema, among many other things, this first volume asks: Do we need zoos? What does a meaningful coexistence with animals look like? Why have we decided to give a balloon to an elephant?

Terezie Štindlová is a founder of ZOO Index project, one half of a non-workaholic design studio Day Shift Office and a concrete office chair maker. She graduated from Werkplaats Typografie in 2023 and is currently based in Amsterdam.


Jacob Lindgren is a graphic designer and artist living in Chicago with an interest in typography, ecology, and self-organization; co-founder of the bookshop Inga; and is working with the Anthropocene Commons network.

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